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Outline of the program

The time required for the completion of the PhD program is 3 years.

Training components

The following steps are required : English upgrade (see above 3. Language requirements), indoor courses, and research component.

Intensive Indoor Courses (6 months)

Registered students will take part in six months of intensive course work at IPR/IFRA (Mali) and UCC (Ghana).

Contents of the courses : The teaching modules are the following :

i. Introduction to Climate Change ;

ii. Research Methodology and Skills Development : System thinking ; Scientific research methodology ; Scientific writing ; Communication with rural communities ; Participatory Action Research ;

iii. Statistics and Modeling Tools : System and optimization models (linear and non linear programming of resource allocation) ; GIS,RS and Geostatistics ; Biostatistics ; Sampling methods, field trials and surveys) ;

iv. Adapted Agricultural Production Systems to CC : Concept of Resilience in Agricultural Production Systems (Livestock and cropping) ; Energetics of production systems (energy flows) ; Soil science (Soil conservation and restoration, Soil organic matter management/GHG emissions, Soil fertility management) ; Agricultural water management (rain-fed agriculture and irrigation methods) ; Agro-biodiversity management and breeding strategies ; Pests and diseases management (animal and crops) ; Animal production and ranch management ;

v. Agricultural Value Chain and Policies : Food systems and food security ; Post harvest technologies ; Social and economic drivers of adaptation ; Agricultural policies (index based Crop and livestock insurance, National Adaptation Plans or NAP, PES, etc.) ;

vi. Modeling of Agro-ecosystems : System modeling (socio-ecological modeling) ; Agricultural land use mapping (GIS and RS) ; Development of crop models at the field scale ; Application of simulation models to assess climate impact on production systems ;

vii. Innovation Systems in Agricultural Production/Field trip/Excursion

Research component

Each student will carry out some research in a common agreed upon location. It includes the research plan preparation, field work, data analysis, final write up and defense.

• Research Plan Preparation (3 months), during the course-curriculum phase.

• Field Work : The field work can be done in or outside Mali depending on expertise (supervisor), availability of equipment and accessibility to relevant data.

• Data analysis- if needed visit to Germany/WASCAL (maximum 6 months) : During the course of their research, students may visit Germany to use some specialized equipment and computing facilities otherwise not available in Mali or in the partner universities or in the WASCAL Competence Centre (Burkina Faso).

• Final write up and defense : The final write up of the thesis will be undertaken at the university or research centre where the supervisor works or at IPR/IFRA or in the Competence Centre (Burkina Faso). The thesis defense will be conducted in Mali (at USTTB).

Formation doctorale en changement climatique et agriculture- WASCAL